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Early Years Foundation Stage

Pupils as young as two may be offered part time placements and the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) staff provide an exciting, play based curriculum designed to allow the children to initiate their learning through exploration and sensory experiences, interspersed with more structured sessions of individual or small group teaching with a focus on developing communication skills and pupils’ engagement in their learning.

Pupils in the EYFS spend a large part of their day outside and have access to play equipment on which they can climb to develop their gross motor skills and sand and water activities which develop fine motor skills. Many other professionals liaise with the EYFS staff to complete assessments of the younger pupils and ensure that they have access to the correct seating and feeding equipment and ICT support.

Staff are aware of the Early Learning Goals, used in mainstream settings, and use these, in conjunction with the CATS assessments to plan for individual pupils, according to their needs.

The most important aspect of the EYFS curriculum is to ensure that the children are excited by their learning in a safe, yet challenging environment. Playing is fun and through play the children develop a better understanding of the world and slowly develop relationships with the adults and children around them.

Parents remain in close contact with the EYFS staff through Home School News books and telephone calls.

Curriculum Planning

The curriculum for our EYFS pupils is personalised to meet the individual needs of each pupil; to build on their strengths and provide strategies to identify and overcome their barriers to learning. All learning is loosely linked to the themes which thread through the primary phase each term.

2016-17  Autumn: The Fish Trail and Celebrations,  Spring: Travelling Delights,  Summer: Gods and Giants

2017-18  Autumn: Marvellous Me and Celebrations, Spring: Great Outdoors, Summer: Once Upon a Time

2018-19 Autumn: Marvellous Me and Celebrations, Spring: Paw, Claws and Whiskers, Summer: Trains, Planes and Automobiles