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Key Stage 2

Key Stage 2

In Key Stage 2 the pupils are divided into class groups according to their communicative abilities and cognitive development.

This way the thematic teaching and learning can be pitched at the perfect level for the group and this maximises opportunities for learning over time.

Currently there are four Key Stage 2 classes, one for those mobile pupils with multiple and more complex difficulties who generally have limited functional communication, two for those pupils following a steady developmental path, albeit at a much slower pace than their peers and sometimes with additional complicating factors such as ASD or challenging behaviours and finally a group who have acquired some mastery of literacy and numeracy and are operating at a level not too far behind their peers but who find the social and emotional aspects of mainstream settings too difficult to manage on a day to day basis.

Many of these children are admitted to the school during Key Stage 2 when the gap with their peers has meant that they are less and less appropriately included in the mainstream classroom, through no fault of the setting.

Curriculum Planning

The curriculum for our KS2 pupils is personalised to meet the individual needs of each pupil; to build on their strengths and provide strategies to identify and overcome their barriers to learning. All learning is loosely linked to the themes which thread through the primary phase each term.

2016-17  Autumn: The Fish Trail and Celebrations,  Spring: Travelling Delights,  Summer: Gods and Giants

2017-18  Autumn: Marvellous Me and Celebrations, Spring: Great Outdoors, Summer: Once Upon a Time

2018-19 Autumn: Marvellous Me and Celebrations, Spring: Paw, Claws and Whiskers, Summer: Oceans and Seas