Ganton School


The world of Mathematics is a curious tangle of systems, patterns and concepts which can take many years to understand and for pupils with special educational needs this can prove either fascinating or infuriating.

Many pupils with ASD (Autistic Spectrum Disorder) find the comfort of numbers and patterns liberating and engage really well in this curriculum area whilst pupils with other conditions such as Down’s Syndrome or Foetal Alcohol Syndrome find the whole idea of quantities and symbols really confusing.

With this in mind Mathematics at Ganton School is viewed as a practical subject for which concrete resources are used to support learning in real contexts throughout the school; in the Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1 a huge emphasis is placed on exploring number, colour, shape and pattern through songs and play activities, for example finding matching shapes buried in leaves, searching for coloured bricks in bubbly water or dancing along to songs with repeating patterns such as Ten in the Bed.

As children move on through the school the contexts change so that perhaps in Key Stage 2 or 3 pupils are buying ingredients for cookery using real shopping experiences then weighing and sharing the product they make or sorting data about the needs of the pets they own.

By Key Stage 4 and 5 pupils may have moved on to accredited courses or will be engaged in work experience involving mathematics in local shops, our Landing Restaurant or Horticulture area.

Strategies used to support the teaching of Mathematics include the use of Numicon and Big Maths and progress for individual pupils is carefully tracked so that the ways forward are very clear. We strive to have visible support for the teaching of Mathematics in every class room as well as in the outdoor learning areas.