Ganton School

Parents, carers, Families


At Ganton School we believe that good relationships and close liaison between home and school will help children to succeed. Parents are considered equal partners and are invited to contribute to individual education plans and positive handling strategies

Regular contact is encouraged through Home School Diaries and direct communication with class or pastoral teachers by phone or personal contact. Staff are always willing to speak to parents and carers at a mutually convenient time. Open Evenings are held twice yearly.

Ganton News publications are produced for parents each term

The Annual Review offers a formal opportunity to talk about a child’s progress and at Ganton these reviews operate in a person centred way, where the child is at the heart of any discussion or decision making.

Parents are represented on the Governing Body and are invited to take an active role in the Friends of Ganton School (FROGS) which exists to raise funds, support new parents and offer information, advice and a chance to chat with other parents on a regular basis.