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Welcome to the Ganton home learning page.

Here you’ll find links to online learning apps to support your child’s early learning, reading, writing and wider learning.

Useful Websites...

Click this link to take you to the DfE Guidance, Coronavirus (COVID 19): list of online education resources for home education. Published 7 April 2020.

Oak National Academy for SEN

Almost 10,000 free lessons and resources.  Made by teachers, for every teacher and pupil.

Busy Things

Fun, Educational games for kids!

Help Kidz Learn

Games and Activities- Accessible game based learning activities to engage and teach a progression of skills.
Readymades- Multiple-choice curriculum activities that provide a secure foundation for learning.


A great activity resource booklet from @mrs_early_years here that is easily adaptable.

Some activities to help bring parents and children together for some special time, to share stories and enhance their relationships (and work on improving any issues they may be facing in the family with behaviours etc)



CBBC YouTube Channel

 Updated videos available daily.  All the top CBBC brands are on there, with a wide range of genres from factual shows, news, dramas, comedy to entertainment. Programmes like Horrible Histories, Blue Peter, Newsround, The Next Step, Saturday Mash-Up, Operation Ouch, the Playlist, the Dumping Ground, Heirs of the Night and Jamie Johnson. 

Click here to subscribe to - (it’s obviously completely free to subscribe!) to watch CBBC live daily and on the BBC iPlayer.

Primary (EYFS/KS1/KS2)

Click here to download the Primary Activity Book

Click here for Twinkles Class KS1 Autumn term   Click here for Sparkles KS1 Class   Click here for Saturn   class KS1 Click here for Earth Class KS2 Autumn term Click here for Sun Class KS2  Click here for Mercury Class KS2 Autumn term   Click here for Comet Class KS2 
Click here for Twinkles Class KS1 Spring term  Click here for Sparkles Class KS1 Spring term  Click here for Earth Class KS2 Spring term  Click here for Mercury Class KS2 Spring term 

Secondary (KS3) 

Click here to download the Secondary Activity Book

Click here for Light & Dark                Click here for Little Red Hen                  Click here for Monster Story                  Click here for Sensory

For Horrible Histories Themed activities and resources click below: 

Neptune Week 1 Maths (divide by 5) web link, worksheet 1, worksheet 2, Egyptian activities, Week 1 Maths (divide by 10) web link, worksheet 1, worksheet 2, Week 1 Maths (multiplication and division word problems) worksheet

Stars Spring Learning Overview,  Spring Sensory Activities, 


For Child Mental Health Week Activities and resources click below:

My Monster and Me story,  Meet the Mood Monster PPT 1, Emotions board game,  Things that make me happy worksheet, 

The Feelings Monster Activity

Key Stage 4 & Sixth Form

Click here to download the Sixth Form Activity Book

Click here for Purple Room              Click here for Gold Room                Click here for Green Room              Click here for Larkin


Click here to download lots of home accessible PE ideas.