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How are you feeling website

Since the beginning of the Covid-19 situation Howareyoufeeling has developed a specific advice and resource section available to all young people, families and professionals. The section gathers together the most trusted sources of information, identified by young people, to provide a wide range of support. The website enables everyone to access the most up to date and accurate news and government updates, links to support services, and a large bank of downloadable help guides for use by young people, families and staff.

The page can be accessed from the homepage of

Headstart Mental Health Training for Parents and Carers.  Click here 

TTS Well-Being Activity Booklets

TTS have created a booklet that contains activities that have been specially selected and written
to help support children with their wellbeing. The activities allow children the
opportunity to be creative, physical or to explore their feelings and
emotions without any judgement

Click here for Wellbeing Activity Booklet for all ages

M&S Food kids' breakfast and lunch planner

At M&S, we're supporting families by offering a £5 top-up to the government's £15 school meals vouchers, allowing children to enjoy nutritious breakfasts and lunches at home during the week.

To help you prepare simple, tasty and balanced food for kids at home, our senior nutritionist Laura Street has created a special breakfast and lunch planner which includes five days of easy-to-prepare breakfasts and lunches which feed two children. You can get all the great-quality M&S ingredients – enough for two kids – in store for just £20. There are lots of easy, kid-approved ideas, from 'three bears pear porridge' to tasty tortilla pizzas, plus handy hints and tips to help you cut down on prep time and food waste.

Download the planner here

Change4Life Food Planners

Change4Life have created recipes and shopping lists for families which can be used to create lunches for around £15 each week.

Change4Life Food Planners Click here

CBBC YouTube Channel

 Updated videos available daily.  All the top CBBC brands are on there, with a wide range of genres from factual shows, news, dramas, comedy to entertainment. Programmes like Horrible Histories, Blue Peter, Newsround, The Next Step, Saturday Mash-Up, Operation Ouch, the Playlist, the Dumping Ground, Heirs of the Night and Jamie Johnson. 

Click here to subscribe to - (it’s obviously completely free to subscribe!) to watch CBBC live daily and on the BBC iPlayer.

Update on face covering/mask wearing in school-02/11/2020

As Hull enters Tier 2. and then goes into full Lock Down with the rest of England on 5th November 2020, it is now mandatory for all staff to wear masks in communal areas, and I have also given then permission to wear them in the class, or when working with pupils across the school, if they so wish.  

As always, pupils and students may wear their own masks in school if they are able to put them on and take them off without support.

All masks must be stored or disposed off properly and safely.

All visitors, including parents, must also wear a mask when entering the school buldings.

Many thanks for your continuing support.

Eddy Wharton, Head Teacher.

Full Opening Risk Assessment for September 2020 here.  This is a 'live' document and will be reviewed regularly. 

Thursday 16th July 2020. Letter from the Head Teacher here

Wednesday 24th June 2020.  Letter from the Head Teacher here

If you need any advice or help regarding your child's SEN please follow this link to SENDIASS...

Latest information about Short Breaks here

Friday 29th Letter from the Head Teacher here

Humber Education Trust Safe Return Pledge here

Humber Education Trust Risk Assessment for Ganton School here.  This is a 'live document' and will be reviewed regularly.

Latest Parental Information update May 2020 here

Friday 15th May 2020.  letter from the Head Teacher here

Monday 11th May 2020.  Letter from The Trust here

International Schools latest news here

Thursday 23rd April 2020. Letter from the Head teacher here

Please find advice from DAP re: Domestic Abuse and COVID 19 here

Thursday 2nd April 2020. Letter from the Head Teacher here

COVID-19 annex to the Child Protection Policy at Ganton School here

Friday 27th March 2020.  Update from the Head Teacher here

Wednesday 25th March.  Minister Ford’s open letter to the SEND sector here...

Tuesday 24th March 2020.  Update from the Head Teacher here...

Tuesday 24th March 2020. Letter from the Head Teacher here

Monday 23rd March. Letter from the Head Teacher here

Friday 20th March.  Letter from the Head Teacher update here...

Please find the Governments Critical Workers list here.....

Friday 20th March.  Letter from the Head Teacher here...

Thursday 19th March.  Letter from the Head Teacher here...

Please see the latest update on the Coronavirus crisis here... 

Primary Newsletter and important dates..... (Click here)

Everything that you need to know that is going on at the Primary site!

Ganton Shop Local

Here are our very own fruit and veg group. Every week they visit Dennis Butlers to prepare for Shop Local on a Friday! They all agreed its their favourite lesson of the week!

World Book Day

World Book Day Letter

The latest edition of Ganton News is now here...

Read all about whats been happening over the last few terms at Ganton school!

Chops on the menu for Ganton Lunchtime Karate Club!
Ganton Secondary School, now provide a lunchtime Karate club as an exciting way of introducing fitness, coordination, concentration, memory retention and respect from their students.
The club is run by a licenced Karate instructor and follows a strict no-contact policy for health and safety reasons; but uses impact pads to simulate correct striking positions.
The club has been running for just under a year a good number of pupils showing great promise  -  and as you can see, the students are thoroughly loving the experience!  

Latest Newsletters

  • 12 Dec 2018
    Letter to Parents and Carers December 2018

  • 23 Aug 2018
    Official OFSTED Letter


  • 23 Aug 2018
    Valentines Fruit and Veg Shop

    The children from Purple class held a special Valentines themed Fruit and Veg shop and shared the love with these kind messages.

  • 23 Aug 2018
    Dream to Play

    The primary children have had enough of their drab playground! We have been receiving kind donations from a range of charitable trusts and generous individuals as well as raising our own funds by making and baking and organising crafty raffles and stalls. So far we have £65,000 of the money we need and there is about £50,000 to go to make our dreams come true. The children want to swing and bounce, spin and climb, chase and imagine. They can’t do this in the current bleak concrete space. Let’s have a final push and make this dream come true in 2018. If you have any ideas or can put us in touch with people who might help us please contact Fiona Taylor at the school.

  • 23 Aug 2018
    Tell The World

    As the amazing City of Culture 2017 draws to a close Ganton School would like to thank all the fantastic artists and creative teams that have worked with our pupils this year. We have had the great pleasure of taking part in drama of the highest quality with Brocolilly Theatre (now known as The Herd); our most disabled pupils were enchanted by Home at Hull Truck Theatre and many pupils have visited the quirky installations such as Voice Park. Visiting artists have included Land of Green Ginger, Northern Ballet, Art in the Park, Liz Dees working for Colours of Freedom and the 16,000 Clay Bricks project. There really has been something for everyone and we have all thoroughly enjoyed being inspired to try new things, discover new talents and tell the world how amazing we are. Wired Differently attracted world wide interest and we thank James Mulkeen for his superb photo record.