Ganton School

Public Health messages

Message from Jason Goforth, Commissioning & Service Development Manager, Public Health, Hull CC

Public Health – Hull City Council commission a number of services, one of those service is the 0-19 Integrated Public Health Nursing Service (IPHN).  The current service is due to be re-commissioned and we are looking to engage with local service users to provide them with the opportunity to shape what the next commissioned service looks like.

As school nursing is part of the 0-19 IPHN service it would be fantastic if we could get parents of primary school aged children to feed back their thoughts on the service and how it could be improved.  I have included a link below to a survey designed for parents to feed back their thoughts and any ideas on how it could be improved.  I would be really grateful if you could complete the survey below, we do have paper versions available as well as easy read and versions in multiple languages upon request.