Ganton School

Our School

I am delighted to introduce Ganton School to you on behalf of the pupils, staff and governors of the school. 

We have a strong sense of partnership with parents and carers, with other professionals and with community groups locally, regionally and nationally and will work with you to ensure the best possible opportunities are offered to your child, whatever their needs.

Each child will be offered a personalised curriculum, designed to enrich their lives and maximise their potential. You are invited to play an active part in the learning journey of your child and to share and celebrate every success. When the journey is difficult we will work together to overcome any barriers and to support you and your child as effectively as we can.

We recognise the value and potential of the school buildings available for our primary and secondary pupils but also realise that it is the people inside those buildings who make the heart of the school beat and we are committed to the well-being of all those people, be they pupils, staff, parents, carers or other members of our school community.

Please see the school's prospectus for further, detailed and clear information about the ethos of the school and to explain about some practical aspects of day to day organisation, as well as the curriculum diet offered to pupils and students at the school.

Ganton School Prospectus