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Pupil progress and attainment is measured using a range of assessment tools within Ganton School.  The main method used to ascertain progress is the school’s own CATs (Curriculum and Assessment Tool) written especially for our pupils but shared widely locally and regionally. Linked to Stat Sheffield assessment materials, this system has evolved since its introduction in 2014 to be a more accurate and easy to use recording and reporting tool, which now also takes into account the pre-key stage standards.

CATs is firmly embedded throughout all Key Stages across the school, although pupils and students from KS4 onwards, who have the potential to follow examination routes, are entered for a range of qualifications and accredited pathways. Those who follow a vocational pathway gain unit awards for their efforts.

CATs and pre-CATs (for those learners working at the very lowest levels within the school, P1-3) allow staff to assess an accurate starting point for each pupil and set targets both short and long term, which should enable pupils to meet or exceed the expected rates of progress relevant to their starting point. Progress is reviewed formally each term and targets revised accordingly. Interventions are put in place for the few pupils who are not making the expected progress for whatever reason.

Long and short-term outcomes from pupils’ Education Health and Car Plans (EHCPs) also inform teacher planning and are assessed annually during the EHCP Annual Review, as well as during the termly Pupil Progress Meetings.  Pupils and students may also have an Individual Education Plan involving more personalised outcomes relating to their individual need.

Ganton School is also working closely with the other H.E.T. schools, particularly Tweendykes and Frederick Holmes Schools, to create M.A.T. wide moderation and comparative assessment systems to further improve pupil progress.


Ganton 2017-18 Assessment report June 2018