Ganton School



Ganton School is always striving to improve resources and provision across the school. Over the past 4 years the school, with support from parents, staff, FROGS, local and national companies and organisations, raised over £100,000 to complete the Primary Playground Project; creating a sensory paradise where our younger pupils can bounce, climb, swing and play imaginatively whilst developing their core physical and social skills. 

We are now striving to raise funds to improve the outdoor areas at the Secondary site. New, age appropriate equipment and improved communal areas are required to meet the needs of this large cohort of learners across Key Stages 3-5.

A second major project is driven by our Eco Schools work and seeks to further improve our horticulture areas and further develop the Cycle Safari which includes a bug hunting area. Links with local industry will support this development and this is being led by Eco School leader Asa Hancock.

We are also in need of updating our fleet of school mini-buses; with two on their ‘last legs – or should that be wheels?’ These are an invaluable resource and are required on a daily basis to enable our Community Visit curriculum to really flourish and offer the kind of experiences and opportunities all our learners desperately need to really supplement and enhance their learning journey (pun intended!).

The majority of fund raising work is led and/or supported by Fiona Taylor and our FROGS Charity; we thank them for their dedication to improving the schools’ facilities for all phases across both sites. Please contact the school or FROGS to donate to any of our fundraising projects; every penny really does help and is immensely appreciated.

Fundraising at Ganton is not however a one way street – we are very outward looking and regularly support national charities such as Macmillan Cancer, Children in Need, Jeans for Genes etc. This gives the young people a real sense of achievement and shows that we can all make a difference. It helps them to recognise the rights of children and young people across the world to good health and education.